Monday, February 13, 2006

Welcome to my blog!

Just a quick hello and welcome to my blog. Don't expect anything fancy. This is just a place to share the happenings and images of my two little characters. And maybe a picture here and there of how our humble abode is coming along as we slowly but surely put our blood, sweat, and tears into it.

And anyone wondering about the title... Just a reference to perhaps the most unique characteristic of our usually everyday family, our very well established avacado tree in our backyard. Can you believe we actually entertained the idea of getting rid of it when we first bought the place and it was only the huge tree that dropped so many ugly leaves? But now that we've made it through a summer here I realize we need it to have a shady spot to spend the few hot hours in the late afternoon when our westward-facing bedrooms are too uncomfortable those few weeks in July when the weather is less than perfect in the bay area. And more importantly, our guacamole habit we've established this winter. Every few days Travis picks a few avacados from the tree, and in a few days mushes them up with some salsa, and we have a pre-dinner snack. Yum!

Ok, well, you might see the real purpose of my blog now, an outlet for my relentless rambling! Enjoy!


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