Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Olivia's hippy school celebrated Christmas

I might have to stop calling Olivia's school hippy and even start start calling it traditional. The last day of school before the holidays all the kids got to wear their jammies to school. That isn't traditional? I don't know, but the kids sure love it and they are adorable. They invited the parents a bit early to pick the kids up from school and we all shared hot cocoa and watched the kids sing us Christmas songs. Man, I love Olivia's so-called hippy school! (Just ignore that they don't get grades and call their teachers by their first names.)

Olivia and the pink pajama girls serenading us with Frosty the Snowman.

Olivia getting her hot cocoa with candy cane and marshmallows and gingerbread man cookie. Yes, Olivia's hippy school has a nutritious food policy, but they are allowed to break it a few times a year. When they break it, they really break it.

They even let Noah join in the fun and he is always up for some treats.

I hope everyone has been enjoying the simple pleasures of the holidays!


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