Sunday, April 23, 2006

The day I've been waiting for

We've replaced all of our old, blue couches. I guess I've been expressing my excitement about it a little bit, because today when some friends came over the first thing Olivia told them was, "This is our new couch. No more old, blue couches!"

Let's compare the before and after pictures. (Please excuse the clutter. Like I said, we had friends over, and I had no energy to pick up.)


After: (Overstuffed red chair I bought used for $60 through craigslist)


After: (Futon which used to reside in Noah's room but was moved into our main room whem we switched him to his toddler bed.)


After: (Brown leather couch I got used for $100, also through craigslist.)

It's amazing how much happier a little change in furniture can make me. I just smile when I walk in the room now.


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