Friday, April 21, 2006

We're back!

We had a great time on our first "real" family vacation. ("Real" because it was the first one that included amusement parks.) I have lots to blog about, so more to come as I get the pictures downloaded. Here are some things I learned to tide you over...

  • Ritz crackers are a LIFE SAVER! Noah never seemed to want to eat anything we were at the times we wanted to. Having a sleeve of Ritz crackers just about saved my sanity. I think he survived on Ritz crackers alone for 4 days. That and breastmilk. Still nursing at 18 months comes quite in handy when you want to get him to sleep anytime anywhere.
  • My kids are the biggest scardy cats. I thought hotel swimming pools were supposed to be the main attraction for kids and you had to drag them away when they were all shriveled and tired. Nope. Mine wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole. Olivia would only put her feet in the little jacuzzi. She gets farther in the bathtub than she does in any other actual body of water.
  • Sand covered private parts is not what you want to see when changing Noah's diaper.
  • There are a lot more overweight people that live in southern Calfornia than I expected.
  • Forgoing sleep to drive at night is well worth it when you don't have to deal with two high strung awake kids in the car.
  • Shamu is HUGE and more beautiful than I expected.


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