Friday, April 07, 2006

I'm a deadbeat

I owe so much money at the public library that they won't let me renew my books online. To be honest, they are not my books. The majority aren't even books. They are mostly videos, and even a computer game, for Olivia. And the looser I am can't even remember to return them.

Remember the Elmo movie that upset Olivia so? You'd think that would have gotten dumped at the library right away. Nope. I waited until the last minute, and then forgot.

Now I owe $19.75 to the Santa Clara Public Library and I can't renew anything on-line so I'm rushing around frantically trying to find everything from the library in the house, and there is lots. You can get up to 30 things at a time. And with all the renews, you get to keep them so long I nearly forget everything we have.

I figure it's still worth the money considering the large volume of materials that come through our house from there, and it's an awsome library, but I'm still mad at myself for wasting money.


  • At 3:24 AM, Blogger Sraikh said…

    My library claims I never returned The Jungle Book II dvd to them. I know I did(but I am pregnant, so who trusts me) I then bought a dvd from but it wasnt sealed. So that was $16.89. But they couldnt accept it and I had to pay $29.95 to replace that dvd.
    before that, I never had a single fine! Arghhh...

  • At 7:30 AM, Blogger Jen said…

    Oy...good luck finding it all!


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