Friday, April 21, 2006

The LegoLand ticket fiasco

On our drive to San Diego we realized we had forgotton something very important. We even had it on our list, our list we never checked before we left. My friend, Crissa, gave me a GREAT coupon to buy LegoLand tickets, and un-organized us left them at home! Doh! It would have saved us $67 off the price at the door.

Very frustrating, but at least we could get our AAA discount at the door which would be about $15-$20 off the door price. Better than nothing.

The day of LegoLand we stopped by Ralph's on the way and noticed they were selling discounted tickets! Score! I bought 2 adult and 1 child for $43.50 off the door price. (Noah is under 2 and got in free.) We were feeling very fortunate for making that pit stop and a little less frustrated at ourselves for forgetting the coupon at home.

We get to LegoLand about 20 minutes later and realized the grocery store clerk had given us 2 CHILDREN tickets and only 1 ADULT ticket. This was worth about $20 LESS than what we had paid for. Argh! At this point it's a bit past 10am when LegoLand opened, and they only stayed open until 6pm that day. What are we going to do now?

We could try to sell the child ticket at the door and buy an adult one, but then we'd be out of over $20, diminishing most of what we had saved at Ralph's. We could try to all go back and show him how he had ripped us off, but that would waste an hour of amusement park time, and the kids had already been in the car for so long.

In the end, we decided Travis would take the kids in LegoLand and I would take the Child's Ticket back to Ralph's and attempt to convince the clerk he had made a mistake and exchange it for an Adult's Ticket. At that point I had no proof since I was only bringing one ticket back, but worse case I'd have to pay the difference, but at least it would be a discounted difference, and the kids wouldn't have to sacrifice any time in LegoLand.

Amazingly, the clerk was really nice and just exchanged my ticket! He was very apologetic when he asked if we had made it all the way to LegoLand and I said we had. Woohoo!

And the kids didn't have to waste any time in the park. Although that part didn't go quite as well. Daddy tried to take them on a few very unscary kiddie rides and they were VERY nervous without mommy there.

But all-in-all, it was a good day, and we didn't overpay too much for anything despite are very poor planning!


  • At 6:17 PM, Blogger Jen said…

    Wow, what a pain, huh? Glad it worked out nicely though!


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