Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Share time

Each week Olivia gets to bring something to school to share. There is a theme each week, like "something that makes noise," or "something red." You don't have to follow the theme, but it's fun to think of something each week that fits.

This week's theme was "something with writing on it." We racked our brains for something with writing that would be fun to share about. More like, I tried to think of something with writing that she could share something unique about, and she went around picking up toys and saying "this has writing" about the brand name on the bottom.

Finally I thought her toy elephant from the circus that says "The Greatest Show on Earth" would be perfect. She sleeps with the thing often. Not long before school she dressed him up for the special event in Ariel's Little Mermaid costume. Very handsome, huh?


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