Thursday, March 15, 2007

Signs of Spring

I so need a new camera, these pictures are awful. But I'm still going to gloat about how beautiful spring is in Calfornia. And since we are experiencing dramatic changes in our yard, I'm on cloud nine. I even got into it enough to order some stuff from a gardening catalog last night. We need a lot of landscaping around here, it's overwhelming, but I think I'll tackle it little by little each year.

I ordered way more packets of seeds than we'll ever need, but there were so many appealing ones. I even got a sunflower mix called the Van Gogh Mix. How cool is that? Won't it be fun for Olivia and I to plant sunflowers and see how all the different ones look as they grow. I can't wait until my order comes!

Anyway, here is our first rose blooming. This rose plant is actually the worse off of our 3, and the roses don't stay in bloom very long, but it's pretty.

And here is one of our peach trees blooming. They are getting worse and worse each year as I keep putting off spraying them for peach tree leaf curl until it's too late. Next off season I will, this time, I really will.

Still, it's nice to see spring around here.


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