Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Road Home

We had a great vacation, but we were very anxious to get home. We flew through the San Fransisco airport because they had cheaper ticket even though it's quite a bit farther from our house. Originally the plan was Travis would drive up and park the car at the airport when he came to join us, but his back injury prevented that.

So, the new plan was to take 3 differet train rides home (over an hour away), then he's stay at the train station with the kids while I walk home (30 minutes) to get the car and drive back to get them. Adventurous? Yes, we are!

Here we are at the airport ready to begin our journey. Daddy and Olivia are excited as we wait for the airport AirTrain to take us to BART.

Olivia was such the helper and pulled one of the bags herself. The kids are excitedly waiting the first train ride!

One down, two to go. Here is daddy buying BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) tickets. Slight set-back, he bought one ticket with 4 rides on it versus 4 seperate tickets, but it wasn't an issue. We're still all on board with the plan.

Noah is ready for train ride number two.

Two down, one to go! Here is daddy buying CalTran tickets. $23 bucks later we're waiting for the train. Noah is still on board for train ride number three.

Olivia is winding down a bit waiting for the train so we decided to check the time table. Uh oh. The next train is not for another hour and a half. And it's now 9pm, which is 1am on the east coast which we are still adjusted to. Ok, time to ditch the plan. We call a friend to come get us and make it home.

Ah, home sweet home! It was worth the commute through San Fran, the commute I NEVER want to do ever again!


  • At 8:07 AM, Blogger Krista said…

    it feels good to be back in your own place, doesn't it? no matter how many times we go back to Canada to visit our families, NY feels more and more like home every time we come back! i'm glad you guys made it home safe and i hope Travis's back is getting better each day. (not to mention poor old Noah with the hand!)

  • At 4:09 PM, Blogger Sraikh said…

    Welcome home and I know Olivia's tired when she has her 2 fingers in her mouth :)


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