Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Gerorgia, Sweet Georgia

We such an eventful two weeks in Georgia (and Tennessee too) but unfortunately I'm so behind updating everyone on it. Not having a roof puts a damper on blogging. But I've been wanting to post pictures on one exciting day. I'm not sure if it's because I got exceptionally good pictures or because it involved a very large black snake.

In any case, on this day we did get to visit the first covered bridge built in Georgia in over 150 years. (Correct me if my facts are wrong, Aunt S. And I also have some pictures coming for ya of some pretty pink Hollyhocks...)

With a beautiful veiw from the "windows."

And the only reason we got to visit the bridge that day, a black snake beatiful in her own right. We walked right past her without knowing. When she was pointed out to us, we had quite a fright. Except the fearless Olivia who was all too willing to touch her while poor little Noah was shaking in his boots.

Aunt S. and A. carried us in their pick-up to take her to the other side of the lake, across the covered bridge. Olivia was tickled she wasn't even wearing a seat-belt. Never a dull moment for the Jones hippies when visiting The South! (Olivia rode un-seat-belted like 2 seconds and the snake wasn't poisonous, but it sounds exciting, doesn't it?)


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