Thursday, May 15, 2008

My exciting life

I bet you wonder what has been keeping me and the kids busy since I haven't blogged in forever. Absolutely nothing. I guess we have settled into a nice, little routine because the highlights of my days now consist of waiting for flowers to bloom. Literally. I have one oriental poppy flower that I check on a bazillion times a day watching the buds slowly open. They have the prettiest light, delicate blooms floating on tiny little stems. I spent all day yesterday waiting for the tallest one to open and then it tricked me and opened some time during the night. But I caught a picture of it this morning to show off the glamorous life I lead.

Here is the whole plant. You can barely tell, but it's growing in an old watering can. I love how it looks next to an oak barrel planter.

But I really can't complain about my hum drum days with my precious little shadow following me around whatever I do and making it fun. Here he is posing next to the poppy bloom. Always stealing the show.

Truth is, I have the gardening bug again and spending a lot of time outside trying to make a garden with as little money as possible and killing off lots of stuff. But it's fun. When I'm restless I occasionally wander around in back and admire the stuff that is actually growing. Here are a few more pics.

A little cosmos I grew from seed.

Calla lilly, dianthus, and my favorite fuscia I'm so proud of. It was a little $2 plant from a drug store, but it must be in the perfect spot because it's filled in nicely. Their colors are so bright!

Purple fountain grass, gaura, and yet another fuscia.

A close-up of the gaura. I love this plant. It has tiny little pretty pink flowers that attract butterflies and humming birds, is drought-resistant, and looks decent all year round. Really no down-side to it.

And if you are still with me, my sunflowers are getting really big! Somehow I timed them just right when I started them indoors and planted them out. I wish I had taken notes or something. I'm sure you'll be seeing more of these when they bloom, hopefully soon!

Well, that's it, that's how I've been passing my days in between the dishes, laundry, car-pools, diapers, and worse the potty-training! I'm sure you're glad I at least have flowers to talk about...


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