Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Stage make-up?

We were given two pages of instructions for the "stage make-up" for Olivia's play. It included liquid and powder foundation, blush, eye liner, eye shadow, and lipstick. All this for all the performers, boys and girls. I just thought that was crazy, I don't want to buy all that stuff for her. I only wear lipstick and have nothing. Not only do I not want to spend the money, but I don't want to get her interested in the stuff.

My compromise was to just go get her a cheap stick of really girly pink lipstick and hope that was good enough. I usually wear more brownish shades which I didn't think would be good for a little Who Girl. We found a stick for $1 that we like, she practiced putting it on, and we headed to dress rehersal.

Well, even I could tell that all the other kids are going to look much better on stage with all the other crap on too. I might have to cave it and buy some cheap eye liner and blush. That stuff is not too expensive. And I might be able to dig up some of my old foundation. I'm not buying foundation for her, way too expensive.

The worst part, I brought her to the store to get the lipstick, and she wandered down the aisle looking at everything saying, "Oooo, I love this." I was so happy that she was still in the innocent years oblivious to what she looks like. I just hope she can hold on just a little longer and this doesn't start a trend.

In any case, here she is with her pink lipstick. Dress rehersal went great.

And here she is holding her bag for the "green room." Lipstick to touch up right before she goes on stage, and a wide-tooth comb she will never let anyone comb her hair with. And I guarentee she will be the least prepared performer in there.

Oh yeah, and Noah wanted to pick himself out a stick of lipstick at the drug store too. I put my foot down with that one and let him put on some of my chapstick.


  • At 4:59 AM, Blogger Angela James said…

    Ex-thespian here :) The reason Olivia needs stage makeup is because the makeup makes your skin opaque and makes your features pop for the people everywhere from the front row to the back. A person's natural skin absorbs the stagelights and they end up looking washed out and indistinct. Especially bad in a play like this one where the director would want everything very bright and bold, but bad no matter what, to think you can go on stage without a full layer of stage makeup. The stage makeup creates a surface for the light to reflect from and enhance the features.

    If Olivia is going to keep doing plays and theater--or any type of dancing, figure skating, etc. this is something you might as well get used to now. Sorry, mom!

  • At 6:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    She's the cutest little Who girl I've ever seen!!

  • At 12:40 PM, Blogger catankgirl said…

    Yeah, alright, alright Angie, I'll have to figure something out with all the make-up by TOMORROW! Ak!


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