Sunday, February 10, 2008

Olivia the Who Girl

This is what we came up with for Olivia's Who Girl costume for Suessical the Musical. The instructions were vague, quirky and whimsical, bold patterns, muted fruit loop colors. Hmmmm But she is just playing a classroom Who Girl with all the other K/1st graders, so nothing terribly exotic to come up with like the bird girls and fish and circus and jungle animals did.

In any case, here it is. A striped shirt and skirt from a thrift store layerd on a heart t-shirt and pink pants we already had. I painted a pair of her shoes two different shades of pink and crocheted some purple flowers to stick on the shoes and pink hat. Personally, I think she is adorable!

Hopefully she'll do as good as she looks. :)


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