Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dunk It! Swing it! Kick it! Watch it?

I signed up Noah for his first class ever. It's through the city and it's a fun class for young kids that invovles soccer, baseball, and basketball. You'd think 4 kids running around a room with basketballs would be appealing. Not to Noah. He sat there right next to me watching it for the entire 45 minutes and would not get up and try despite me saying something like "Doesn't that look fun?" and "Do you want to try that?" every 2 minutes.

I remember last year during Olivia's dance class he would run in the room and dance every chance he got. Do you think I missed the window of no inhibitions with him? Or do you think it's because Olivia wasn't there and he's more bold when he is participating in something with his big sister? Or maybe it was just too early in the morning for him. Or maybe he's just more of a dancer than into sports. ;)

Oh well, I'll keep trying for the next 7 weeks, next time prepared with bribes and rewards to get him to at least try.


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