Sunday, December 23, 2007

Saturday before Christmas Tradition

This year we decided to try a new tradition of going for a drive to see Christmas lights while sipping hot coca (and mochas and eggnog lattes) while munching Candy Cane Joe Joes.

First step, get the drinks, went well.

But after a few miles driving around the cocoa and cookies were gone and we all started feeling like this.

So we made this monstrosity our last viewing.

This individual residence had lights coordinated to music which they somehow broadcoast to 104.1FM! Olivia and Noah being pumped full of chocolate and sugar happened to notice that the Rudolph on the roof was emitting "snow," so we let them out to check it out, in there jammies and all.

Hm, that snow smells a lot like Ivory...

Us and our thin skins were chilled to the bone so we packed up and headed home with one more stop to check out the lighted tree at the civic center down the street from us. Can you see the kids in the picture for reference?

Olivia, who is faithfully counting down until Christmas, asked if we could make this our "3 days before Christmas new tradition." I modified it slightly to be the "saturday befoer Chirstmas tradition." We'll see!


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