Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Olivia Maestro

I don't know what maestro means, but doesn't it sound relevant for someone learning violin? Yep, what you see Olivia with is a real, actual quarter-sized violin.

Olivia has showed extreme interest in the violin since she was 3 that has not let up. We are really not sure where this comes from. The only exposure she has had to the instrament is on Elmo. Piano, drums, guitar, flute, I could deal with any of these things, but the idea of someone so small attempting such a difficult and intricate instrament has been a bit overwhelming to me. An instrament that we do not own and are responsible for, nonethless.

But after everyone other than me has decided she is ready to give it a try, I had to give in. Don't get me wrong, I hope more than anything that she is successful. It's just that I spend the most amount of time around the girl and see the most frustrations and tantrums. But she's come a long way in the last year as far as self-control and determination.

So, here she goes! She has her drop-in lesson on monday. I'll let you know how it goes!

My big girl in violin lessons, the school play, and science fairs! What happened to my little baby? Wah!


  • At 8:49 PM, Blogger 4texans said…

    I think that is great, maybe she will be a musician like her dad!


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