Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Love notes from Olivia

Olivia has been using her newfound skill of writing lately for good. She has been leaving us love notes on our pillows. If you think it is sweet to hear your child tell you "I love you," just wait until you see it in writing with words like "forever" and "so much" thrown in. It pretty much makes the digging through the trash for bottle caps for her collection worthwhile. But I'll tell you more about that on tuesday.

The first one is to Noah. I'll include an interpretation after each one when necessary.

(Who do I love? Noah!!!!!!!!)

The next one was found on daddy's pillow, first front, then the inside.

(I love him)

(I love my daddy forever. Love, Olivia)

The next one is for me.

(I love her)

(I love my mommy forever. Love, Olivia)

Isn't it almost too much for a mommy's heart to bear?


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