Monday, March 03, 2008

Kids ice skating is hilarious

It was like someone had thrown a netful of floppy fish on the ice the way the rink was full of kids falling at Olivia's first lesson today. But I was amazed at the way the kids would get back up and keep going. Except Olivia. She pretty much wanted to quit when she got on the ice and it just seemed scary like she was going to fall. My little drama queen even screamed several times at the top of her lungs, "I'm never going to be the kind of person that ice skates!"

But I was so proud of her, after a little cooling off, she decided to go back and give it a try. By that time it was the "free skate" portion after the instruction was over and they put out little plastic chairs for the kids to hold onto and push around the ice. Olivia loved this concept. At first I could not stop laughing because she would push her feet back and forth like 10 times to get the chair to move an inch. But I think she was holding it so hard she was pushing it down and it wouldn't move. Once she relaxed and loosened up she was able to get that thing moving really quick. Then she didn't want to leave and spent the last 30 minutes with her little plastic chair.

She even promised next week she would try the first half of the lesson with no chair too. I think she'll do better now that she's a little more comfortable on the ice. She really is growing up and becoming more determined and self-controlled. I'm really proud of her trying so hard on such a busy day.

Her day today consisted of celebrating Dr. Suess' birthday at school with lots of Suessish activities. Having her Suessical the Musical dress rehersal on the "real stage." Ice skating lessons for the first time. Then violin lesson where she learned Mary Had a Little Lamb. The girl is amazing.


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