Friday, February 29, 2008

More bargins

Every once in awhile I feel the need to brag about the amazing deals I find. Tonight is one of those nights.

Since Travis is going to be spending most of the weekend working on the house, I decided to take some "me" time tonight and hit Goodwill which is conveinently near Office Depot so I had an excuse since I needed color ink. Little did I know that it was Friday Moonlight Madness and Goodwill was open until 10pm and all clothes were 50% off. The bargins just find me, they really do.

I had asked Travis if he needed anything and he said he could use some more short-sleeved, colared shirts for work. I think I did well. I got 7 shirts for a total of $15.50. Yep, seven shirts all for under $20. I would have spent more for any one of those new. And they are all in really good shape, nothing wrong with them. One has long sleeves, but I knew he had just had to get rid of a similar one he really liked, and $2.50 for a J. Crew shirt, really, how could I *not* get it?

Here's a pic to fully display my thriftiness.

I didn't recognize all the brands, but among them are J. Crew, Calvin Klein, Old Navy, and Mossimo.

Not bad. Definately things we'd buy off the rack. And this way we are not feeding into the materialistic, cosumer-driven, throw-away society culture. Ok, that last part was just for the sake of hippy Calfornia, I really just like saving money.

And I'm sure you are wondering if I got anything for myself. Well, duh, of course I did. Did I need anything? No, so I really tried to refrain myself from going too crazy. I got two skirts, two shirts, one sweater, and one hoodie for a total of about $15 as well.

Those "free-gans" on Oprah got nothing on me!


  • At 3:59 AM, Blogger Angela James said…

    Every last Saturday of the month is 50% off at our local Goodwill. People line up outside at least an hour before. You take your life into your hands going in there any time before 5pm (they're open until 8 and the last few hours are usually safe).

    Good bargain hunting, Jess!

  • At 7:35 AM, Blogger phins_jazy said…

    Looks like you got some great deals!


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