Saturday, March 01, 2008

Olivia's first fund-raiser

I finally got around to getting together some pictures from the walk-a-thon at Olivia's school. It was in September. It was some fund-raising thing, and they didn't raise squat from us, but they still let Olivia walk around in circles anyway.

I dressed her in the loudest most obnoxious clothes I could find for that day so I could spot her easily. It worked. Her pony-tail motion as she walked helped too.

They punched holes in a card around her neck to keep track of how many laps she walked.

Well, Olivia, you *can* take a break if you are that unhappy, no one is making you.

Fine then, time for an orange slice break. I did supply the class with orange slices, so it's not like we're the slackest family or anyting, right?

It was a cute little thing her school did and at least she doesn't have to go around selling candy bars or wrapping paper. Next year we might actually donate a few dollars or something.


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