Friday, April 18, 2008

The stinkiest theme park in America

Yesterday we went to Gilroy Gardens. Gilroy is the garlic capital of the world. Fortunately, it isn't harvest season.

But the rides do make you hungry. Such as Artichoke Dip, Banana Split, Garlic Twirl, and Mushroom Swing. We had a blast and got our season passes to make many more trips this summer.

The fun thing about the day was they were having a Scavenger Hunt with prizes. It was even more fun now that Olivia can read all the clues and we had fun with her friend from school and his family finding the prizes. The first one were leis for the kids.

Noah riding the merry-go-round

And Olivia on the Artichoke Dip

And my favorite part was the beautiful gardens, I'm impressed I can identify a lot more of the flowers and trees than I could a few years ago. One of the side benefits of home ownership and being responsible for your own landscaping. But I'm not exactly found of the weirdly grafted trees throughout the park...

To each their own.


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