Saturday, March 07, 2009

My little Young Author

Olivia's teacher invited her to participate in a event sponsored by the school district to honor young authors called the Young Writer's Exposition. Her and her teacher took one of her stories and published it by adding a cover page, dedication page, illustrations, and binding it. Then Olivia got to go share it with others on a saturday and even meet a real published author.

Here she is holding her book at the event.

And sharing it with the group

Well, yes, of course I know you are dying to check out her book now, aren't you? Here is the front cover. It's called The Day I Went On My Favorite Ride by Olivia Jones 2009. The illustration gives a hint as to what that favorite ride turns out to be.

Inside the front cover there is even an About the Author section. It says "My name is Olivia Jones. I was born in California. I live with my brother, Noah, age 4, my mom and my dad. I want to be an author when I grow up. I like to do art. I like to play a lot of things. I like to write and read." Then it restates the title and is even dedicated to "My Grammy." Quite the honor.

And here we go with the story. Should I retype the whole thing? I guess so, below each page is the print on each...

One nice vacation, I went to Disneyland. I was scared to go on "It's a Small World." But, my mom made me. When it was over, it was my favorite ride!

After awhile, we were going to go on the next ride. It was the Jungle ride. I wasn't too sure about that. I said, "Daddy and Noah can go on it and if they like it I will go too."

After awhile they came back. I asked, "Did you like it?" They said, "Yes! There was a part of the ride where a waterfall landed on our heads!" So I said, "No, I won't go."

But daddy made me go on the ride. When it was done, I liked it!

That day at Disneyland, I learned that sometimes mommy and daddy know what I will like even if I'm not sure.

And that was the best day of my life!

I remember that day vividly. You can imagine my retelling might have had some different emotions involved. I definitely prefer Olivia's version. And it was well worth it for how proud I am of my Young Author! Quite the illustrator too, isn't she?


  • At 7:37 PM, Blogger Leslie said…

    I'm so glad mom and dad "made" her go on some rides. It was probably more like " oh stop whining Olivia, we've driven all the way here you are going to go on all the damn rides!!!!" Lol!

    Miss you J, where have you been????

  • At 8:40 PM, Blogger Sraikh said…

    You must have felt so proud. She is quite the storyteller. Good job Olivia

  • At 11:02 PM, Blogger 4texans said…

    She did a great job!


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