Saturday, May 13, 2006

My sleepy babies

The only pictures of the kids I've managed to take this week is of them sleeping. Better than nothing, right? Usually Olivia doesn't sleep during the day, but she took a good nap yesterday due to being sick, despite the fact she didn't get up in the morning until 9am!

(Funny story about the teddy bear she is cuddling. That is MY teddy bear that Travis gave me when I went away to Stanford after graduating from Tech and he was still living in Florida, to remember him. I sleep with it every night. I named him Opie, that was my nickname for Travis, since he's like the little red-headed boy on the Andy Griffin show. You can probably tell by the bedding that Olivia is napping in our bed, the kids sleep more there than anywhere else it seems.)

On the other hand, Noah sleeping in the car while Olivia is in preschool is a pretty common event around here.


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