Monday, July 30, 2007

First Swimming Lesson

Travis and I took Olivia and Noah to their first swimming lessons ever today with mixed results. Olivia is taking to the water well and comfortable doing pretty much everything that doesn't involve putting her head underwater. This seems pretty common though and I'm hoping she works up the nerve soon.

Noah, on the other hand, was not so crazy about the lesson. He spent the entire time with a death grip around my neck crying his head off with his feet barely in the water. Oh well, we have 9 more days to go, maybe he'll warm up to the idea eventually. I guess it didn't help I was running late and pretty much stipped his shirt off and ran in the water with him. Tomorrow I'm going to try to let him wear something with his top covered and hope that helps.

If you haven't noticed, I signed us up for the intensive monday-friday, everyday for two weeks deal. But at least it's the parent-tot class where the kids get to go in with a parent. I'm determined to get them swimming! After this is over, I'm going to look into a class to continue once a week in the fall. How can they be California kids and not want to swim?

But they did want to go back to the pool in the afternoon after lunch, so they must not be too tramatized. Note to self: remember the sun screen tomorrow...


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