Friday, October 19, 2007

Just a cute Olivia story

Last night at small group at church Olivia was sitting with us, and like her mother, had to say something at every chance she got.

First, one of the college students was sharing about a lecture she attended that made her feel very uncomfortable and upset. Olivia starting tell her, "Before I went to kindergarten I was really scared. But I went and now I like it!" Sitting there was my 5-year-old daughter sharing her experiences with a college student in order to comfort and encourage her!

I was trying not to laugh at my little girl acting so big and was so proud of her too! She's just going on about the situation, "You really never know until you try..." What a little cut-up!

A little later in the conversation something must have came up about the bible. (That tends to happen at church.) Olivia is still sitting with us and cutting with scissors doing some craft, and glanced up at us from what she was doing briefly and says as natural as can be that she is part of the conversation, "Guys, you know that the bible is not just a book. It's the Word of God."

Man, my little girl had us all rolling tonight. I could not stop laughing, I'm not sure why. Maybe because she looks so little, but acts so big. Maybe because the way she acts and things she says to get everyone's attention remind me so much of myself. For whatever reason, I had a case of the giggles I could not control last night, and I'm very grateful to have my little girl!


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