Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Happy (belated) birthday, my love

I'm a little late wishing my little man a happy birthday. It couldn't have anything to do with the fact that I'm in denial that he's not my little baby anymore, could it? Nah.

This year saw so many changes in my little man. I could list them all, but instead I'm going to focus on the things that are still the same, like the way he cuddles up to me when he needs some comfort or the way he follows his big sissy around in admiration. We all couldn't imagine life without you, precious guy.

He had a great birthday party. Grandma L was here to share it which always makes it that much more special. We rented a bouncy house for the first time. Which was all he could talk about. That is, when he wasn't talking about putting his candles on his "party," which he somehow got mistaken for the word cake. What's a party without a cake anyway?

And he's now well versed in receiving presents. When Olivia tries to play with his toys, he can firmly tell her, "No sissy, that is my toy I got at my party."

Ah well, I feel like I have two big kids now, let the fun begin!


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