Friday, August 24, 2007

Olivia's friends from school

Although school doesn't start until next week, Olivia has already made friends in her class. Her school had a back-to-school BBQ last night. We get there and find a table to sit at, and as luck would have it, the family already sitting there included a little girl in Olivia's class. Olivia didn't seem too impressed at first and had to be encouraged to look at her and say 'hi' but they quickly hit it off soon after. Right after dinner they headed to the playground together and sat going in circles forever on the tire swing. Reflecting upon the night later at home, I commented to Travis that Olivia and her might be friends for the next 6 years. I feel like such a huge milestone is happening in front of my eyes.

Today we had a work-day to get the classroom ready for the year. A parent from each family had to go in and work this morning. So, I made a few new friends of my own. :) While I was working in the class, Travis took Noah and Olivia to the park where all the kids were playing, and Olivia met a few more of her new classmates. One family we met included a set of twins that will be in Olivia's class, and her grandma will be the one working in the classroom. She is originally from islands off of Portagual. The mom in the family works in another school in our district, what a great person to know to ask questions about how the middle school situation is each year as our kids approach that.

I'm right away feeling comfortable with Olivia's school, teacher, and classmates. Last night after meeting her new playmate, Olivia even started saying that she is not scared of kindergarten anymore. What else can I ask for? We peeked in her classroom and saw easels, computers, a play kitchen, all kinds of fun stuff. And her school campus has 3 play structures, hopscotch areas, and a huge sand area to play in.

Four more days until the big day. I can't believe I'm actually feeling good about it. How Noah is going to do while I work in the classroom is another story...


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