Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dead Men Tell No Tales

And neither do old cameras whose batteries loose charge faster than a princess in Disneyland is surrounded by a mob of preschool girls.

Sorry for the late picture sharing of our trip to Disney, but due to our old camera I didn't have the selection of pictures I had hoped for. But I did document the trip with a few pictures I'm finally getting around to uploading.

Overall it really was a fun, successful trip. While the kids were far from perfect, they did much better than expected and I wasn't left saying I'd never do that again, which is a huge ringing endorsement!

I'll spare you an account of every ride there and just show you the pictures.

Pixie dust is EVERYWHERE in Disneyland. And my kids have never even seen Peter Pan. I gotta get that movie. If only our DVD player wasn't broken. What's with all our electrical devices breaking down on us?

I tried to steer clear of the long lines to meet the characters, but we did get a picture op with Woody. Noah wasn't too impressed.

Olivia and Noah showing off their muscles while breaking out of the Toons Town jail.

Daddy and Noah riding Dumbo. Gotta get that movie too...

There is a really cool Brother Bear play area that is great for killing several hours in California Adventure, if I remember right, it's all starting to blur together.

P. S. If you haven't seen the Pirates of the Caribbean movie (which I haven't) and are wondering about the strange selection of title, it's definitely one of the favorite marketing lines for Disney merchandising right about now. And Disney is a master of merchandising, isn't it? It's still quite a magical place despite having to walk through a store after about every ride.


  • At 10:30 PM, Blogger 4texans said…

    Great pics! I hope you get that dvd player fixed. The girls have seen most of them so they really enjoy the rides at Disneyland. We've never even been to the Brother Bear area...looked like to much work...lol. Was it really fun?

  • At 11:05 AM, Blogger phins_jazy said…

    I'm so glad you had a great time. I miss Disney. (sniff) :) And I agree about the whole ride thing. Why, oh why, does every ride end in the gift shop???


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