Sunday, June 07, 2009

Going Buggy

Sorry for being a stranger to my blog, but our lives are buggy in more ways than one. Other than being very busy, Olivia just finished a unit on bugs for school. The first graders then performed a short play called Going Buggy. She knows more about bugs than I have ever learned.

And they got many, many guests in their classroom including bees, ants, and silk worms. She's always been comfortable with bugs, but this was just the topping on the cake. Today she found quite the catch, this vivid catepillar in our backyard. We have no idea what kind it is, but it was caught and put in a safe place to share at school. After that, perhaps she'll release it and leave it alone. The poor thing has been hanging around my fushcia for a few days and the kids haven't exactly kept their distance.

I'll try to be better about keeping some current pics on here. You can tells it's been awhile when Olivia's hair is several inches longer than in the last picture. It doesn't help our new computer starts a bazillion new windows when I try to log into my blog. Excuses, excuses, I know...


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