Tuesday, September 12, 2006

School is definately in session

Olivia's teacher sends home a weekly flier to let us know what they are doing for the week. Check out everything on the first one:

Bible Stories: Cain and Abel, Noah Builds the Ark, The Animals Come, The Flood

Mish-Mash: The importance of washing hands, Apple in a Bucket
(Centrifugal Force), Estimating Apple Seeds, Attract and Repel

Theme for the week: Apples, Alligators, Authors, and Anteaters.

Watch for Fabric Apples, Painted anchors, Fingerpaint Alligators, and Torn Paper Ants. We will draw apples, cut apples, make a Johnny Appleseed Hat and make some yummy applesauce! We will learn about Australia, Africa, Aardvarks, Absorption, and Addresses. We will play Animal Action, Where's the worm? and Matching Animals.

Sories this week include: Who Wants Arthur?, by Amanda Graham and The Art Lesson, by Tomie De Paola.

I think I need to go to her school and learn a thing or two! Wow, can you imagine, all this in a week?


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