Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Noah's favorite shirt

Noah has been very picky about what he wears lately. He went through a phase where he just wanted to wear his jammies all day and threw a fit if we tried to change him. His jammies have cool things on them like tools and trucks and such. But now every time I try to put a shirt on him he points to this one in the closet. Nothing special about it, just a brightly colored striped shirt. What's up with that? Travis says he's just testing out what he can demand. Oh well, at least I like the shirt on him, and it sure beats showing up at Olivia's pre-school with him in his jammies all day.

And if I'm going to post a pictures of Noah's outfit, I guess I should show off Olivia's too. Isn't it cute? It's from Grandma L. for her birthday. The pants are so thick and cushy and warm inside, perfect for the chilly weather. And they seem to somewhat prevent the "plumber" look she's been sporting lately no matter what she wears, poor thing. She got a kick out of the ability to put her hand all the way through the pocket and into the other sleeve. Silly girl!


  • At 8:41 AM, Blogger Erin said…

    LOL. They are both looking pretty cute though!


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