Tuesday, December 19, 2006


At playgroup yesterday the kids decorated gingerbread. Thankfully, this was not at my house due to a twist in fate which included a sick child last time. It was a mess, but lots of fun. Much more fun at someone else's house.

Olivia decorated a house and Noah decorated a gingerbread man. Actually, Olivia and I gooped on as much frosting as we could to try to get the house to not fall, and eventually resorted to masking tape while Noah ate 99% of his candy and generously shared a few pieces on his cookie. Did I mention it was fun though?

Here they are with their proud creations. Luckily the playgroup host had lots of coffee, and I brought my much requested gingerbread syrup to dress it up with.

Please note that Noah is still in his jammies, he prefers to wear them all day, and I prefer not to engage in a battle with a 2-year-old over his wardrobe.


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