Sunday, December 10, 2006

Aren't kids supposed to eat?

Lately I've been making melted cheese and sausage crackers for the kids. They seems to like them, although sometimes it's only the sausage part, sometimes only the cheese and crackers. Sometimes they'll beg for sausage slices while I'm making it and then not eat any of the final product. You just never know.

Well, tonight, Noah seemed to think they were train cars and lined them up all the while saying "choo-choo" over and over. Olivia was telling Noah "they're not trains, they're food!" while she was scrapping the cheese off and eating only that part leaving sausage and gross looking crackers on the plate. I wanted to tell her that I would have gotten her only cheese if I knew she was going to do that.

I think Noah ate some of the sausage pieces, but I'm not positive about it.


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