Thursday, December 14, 2006

Go for the gold, girl

Olivia received a medal today from school for her participation in gymnastics. So did every other child in her class. But, it's still very rewarding for her, especially considering what she has gone through this year with the experience.

I was thrilled to find out that gymnastics was offered this year in her pre-school once a week this year. It's included in the tuition and her whole class goes together while in school. It's something she's never done, but I always considered, and now it's combined in school. Two bird with one stone, right?

However, after a few times she became very scared of it. I didn't even realize it until one day I was helping her go potty at school before dropping her off and mentioned that today was Wednesday and she would go to gymnastics that day and she immediately got agitated and asked if we could "skip school" and go home. We sat down and talked and she finally agreed she would try it, but if it was too scary she could sit out with her teacher during that time. I asked her teacher what was going on and she wasn't sure either, but did notice that Olivia was sad the week before. Her teacher agreed it was good not to push her but encourage her to try and she would do the same.

After a few weeks of encouraging and talking and praying a lot about it, she does great now. One day before school Olivia and I were praying together, and when I looked up she had tears rolling down her check. :-( But a few weeks later I was praising her for being so brave and she said, "it's because we prayed that one time before school!" We talk a lot about David being so brave even when he was little and how God told Moses He would be with him even though Moses said he wasn't a good speaker and how God is with her and helping her be brave.

Her teacher said one week it was so sad, Olivia was going up each time it was her turn and doing everything, upside down, somersaults, everything, and would finish and wipe her little tears as she went back in line. Poor girl! But she now says it's fun. I think the whole thing is a great experience for her to learn that things that seem scary are worthwhile to try. I'm very proud of her for being brave. But I'm also happy that it didn't require me to push her harshly and she did so well while still having the option to sit out if she wanted to. Whew. One parenting milestone successfully behind me!

So, here's to you, my big, brave girl. I couldn't be any prouder! (Although, I do wish you would have given me at least a little smile with the medal...)


  • At 7:00 PM, Blogger txcasper26 said…

    how cute..i'm sure she'll continue to improve as she goes along doing it.


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