Monday, February 12, 2007

Changes in the air

I'm so excited, another project I've been dreaming about since we moved in has begun. Removing the ugly, old, rusty shed in the middle of our yard. I went into it today to get the pitchfork to stir our compost and I found a cat in it. A BLACK CAT was in our shed. How many years of bad luck is that? The doors don't close properly, you slid one overlapping the other to keep the kids out. But I guess that doesn't keep the cats out.

But now it's on it's way out, take your last look at this eyesore.

Travis began removing shelves from it this weekend. He also started adding dirt to level the ground where the new shed will be, which he also bought this weekend. A lovely *plastic* 8x8 shed that will be discretely nestled between our fig and avacado tree.

Stay tuned at the end of March for dump week pictures. We plan to have quite the pile, including the entire old shed and lots of busted up concrete. Here is already what Travis has taken out of it waiting patiently for the end of next month.


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