Sunday, December 09, 2007

Art Day

We live in walking distance to an art museum we hardly ever go to. Last saturday they had a family hands-on day, so I sent daddy with the camera and the kids so I could have some time without my family.

They got off to a rocky start with choosing which ride-on they were going to take and a few falls while deciding, which I watched very amused while I was pruning the Rose of Sharon bush, but finally they were off.

But don't despair, they got there and art was done.

Noah had to be a clown, of course.

Which tired him out enough to have a nap on daddy's lap. Check out daddy's chops he's growing.

And before long they were home, I heard the crying approaching me down the street. Both had fallen, but Olivia got hurt badly enough to warrant a band-aid on her face, poor baby girl. But overall I think it was a successful outing.


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