Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Olivia's birthday tradition

Just like last year, we hit Happy Hallow today, on Olivia's actual birthday. Wah, my baby is 6! But that's another post.

Happy Hollow is such a great place for kids, inexpensive and tons to do. Even though it was a bit chilly today, we had a great time and the kids played well and stayed with me for the most part, and I even got some knitting done. But on to the pictures. I'm holding the best one back though, you'll see it eventually if you are on my Christmas card list. ;)

First I snapped a few pictures before we went in because I knew my camera battery would not last long. The good news though, we ordered our new camera from last night. Yeah!

Then we went to see the animals. First the capybara, you can see it in the background if you have really good eyes. They also have a pretty good variety of animals for such a small zoo, a jaguar, fox, pot belly pig, big turtle, parrots, lemurs and other monkeys of all sorts.

Happy Hollow also has a cute little petty zoo with goats and such. Noah wasn't that interested in feeding them, but Olivia was quite friendly.

The petting zoo is where I got my Christmas card picture from last year. This year's didn't turn out quite as well but cute nonetheless.

We visited the animals for less than an hour, then on to the fun stuff. Rides and multiple playgrounds for the remaining several hours. They do have really cool stuff. I was trying to get the kids to look at me on the spider web by telling them to say "I want to drink your blood!" It kinda worked.

Cats and dogs they are, in more ways than one.

An old fire engine to play on.

And of course the rides. I'm so grateful Olivia is still perfectly happy with what my friend calls the "Mickey Mouse rides." They basically go around in circles and that is about it. Barely a step up from those things that sit outside the grocery store. As long as Olivia got to sit in the fire engine car that had a bell to ring, she was happy. Noah was happy either way, so he got a police car with no noise-making ability.

Overall a very good way to spend Olivia's birthday again this year. Between her party monday, yesterday getting to wear the "birthday crown" at school, and her actualy birthday today, Thanksgiving tomorrow, and maybe the beach friday if it's not too freezing cold, I'd say we go all out in celebration around here. We have a lot to be thankful for. But now I got to get cooking those things to be thankful for to be ready for tomorrow!


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