Monday, November 19, 2007

The loot

The best part of having a big 'ol birthday bash is all the loot. After the party was over the kids came home and started methodically opening and sorting through it all. Cards in one pile, trash in another, reusable gift bags and tissue paper in another. Ok, the gift bag and tissue paper piles were me. But really, check out this score. No Christmas can and will compare to this.

Before opening...

Now we know what it all is, yes!

And the first one opened was the sit-n-play princess activity center. Very cute. The first thing she wanted to make was a card for her friend. Not the friend that gave her this particular gift, but sweet nonetheless.

Fortunately I did ask a lot of people for art supplies, so we now will spend our rainy winter pulling out paints and markers and paper little by little and be able to use up and get rid of this and not have too many little, tiny plastic pieces cluttering up the house. There is a little of that, but just enough to be fun!


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