Friday, November 09, 2007

Sunflowers for Thanksgiving

I got on a bit of a late gardening kick this year. I planted some sunflowers even later. I wanted to clear a really nice patch halfway back our side fence to plant them since they are so big, but I knew I would not water them enough for them to stand a chance. So, one day, Olivia and I finally stuck the seeds out sporatically through our current flower garden. And a few actually popped up. We were waiting anxiously to see if they'd make it in time to flower before it got too cold, and I guess they did or I wouldn't be blogging about them, would I?

I don't think I'd want them any other way. You can see them right out our kitchen window and they are definately the first thing that catches your eye as you step out the door to our backyard. And there is something about a big yellow and brown sunflower that just fits in the Thanksgiving season. I think I want to plant sunflowers late in the season every year. I'm not sure if these will mature enough to make seeds, but you just never know. These actually grew from seeds a friend gave us from her sunflowers, which makes them even better..


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