Sunday, July 20, 2008

Miracle #117

Olivia is a headstrong little girl. When she wants to do something, or when she does not. One of those things included being bound and determined she would never, ever, in a million years ever put her head under the water. We've been gently coaching her since last summer to try little by little, blow bubbles, everything. But she was still pretty against the whole idea.

Until last week when I decided to say "no" to bringing her swim vest (that helps her float) to the pool that has a nice big 2.5 feet baby pool that is perfect for her to learn to swim because she can stand up everywhere, but still have lots of room to move around.

Well, lo and behold, without the vest keeping her head above water, but still feeling safe, she decided to put her whole head under, and now, watch out. She can do everything. She can swim across the pool with her head under, do somersaults and back flips in the pool, jump in off the side to over her head. It's amazing from a little girl who less than a week ago refused to even try.

Add it to the list of things she once said she would never do and now loves, ice skating, gymnastics, riding a bike... Ok, well, she still won't try riding a bike without training wheels, but now we have some amazing precedence that she will eventually someday.

She still has to hold her nose when she goes under which makes it hard to use both hands to swim. We got her this great mask that goes over her nose that she really likes and helps free up her hands. But our city pool won't allow them because they breath in the bad air in the mask? But they said nose plugs are ok so I'm on the hunt for a store that sells them before her swimming lessons start next week. I'm really excited because I think she will get so much out of the lessons now that she is much more comfortable in the water!


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