Thursday, July 10, 2008

The vacation of a million lakes

Well, almost anyway. It wasn't planned, but this year's trip to Georgia seemed to revolve around lakes. Let's all count them together...

Lake #1 somewhere in Fayette County and that is all I remember about where it is. It's on Papa J's property which is quite the experience and that's all I'll say about that. Pretty enough though it was even worth the walk back with Olivia complaining how hot it was and city-boy Noah getting spooked at every sound he heard.

Lake #2, same day at some park in Ducula, the-other-side-of-GA. Grandpa T. taught the kids how to fish. Does teaching a 3-year-old and 6-year-old how to fish sounds scary to you? It did to me. But despite my mommy instincts, we let them go with it. Olivia did surprisingly well casting or whatever it's called.

Noah, not so well. Good thing the camera has a good zoom, I was standing WAY back.

Lake #3, Lake Lanier, an actual decent sized lake someone reading this post might have heard of. Aunt J's boyfriend F was kind enough to take us out on his boat on friday. It was a lovely day and Travis didn't even burn, poor guy is the odd man out in the family with fair skin. The rest of us worked on our tans.

Lake #5, not pictured because I'm not sure it would really count as a lake. Does a lake in a housing development count? Let's count it anyway because we had a blast using Grandpa L's remote control boats on it. That is until Travis' cousin-once-removed (which would be Olivia's second cousin, I researched it) got attacked by red ants. Ow.

Lake #6, the infamous trip to take the big ol' black snake across the lake at Aunt S's farm. If you haven't heard of this infamous trip, scroll down a couple posts. But I had to revisit it because I got such spectacular pictures there.

Lake #7, Lake Blue Ridge not pictured because I let Travis take home our camera to get pictures of our roof-less house, but that is another post entirely. This one was with Grandma R (my side this time) and it was a lovely day on the boarder of Tennessee as we visited her log cabin in the mountains.

Lake #8, Ruby Falls. Ok, this might be a stretch, Ruby Falls is a waterfall found 1000 ft under a mountain, but it does sorta form a pool of water and I had to include it on my list. To get to it you take a elevater straight down into Lookout Moutain and then hike a little through mineral deposit formations, one that is likened to a donkey's rear end, I kid you not. Even so, it was a really interesting visit to wrap up our lake list.

Whew, and I didn't even touch on the Chatanooga Choo-choo yet! I'll spare you that one for another day.


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