Saturday, September 27, 2008

Noah Goes to School

I feel bad Noah has been in pre-school for weeks and I didn't blog about his first day. It was probably the anxiety of him not being potty trained that kept me from it. But he's come a long way in that department, thank goodness, and we celebrated his birthday at school, so I think it deserves a blog post.

He is only in school twice a week, tuesdays and thursdays from 12:30-3:30. It's a parent participation and I stay and help on thursdays. I had wanted a morning spot to better coordinate with Olivia's school schedule, but they were full, and this way I get some precious free time once a week. Not that I'm that confident leaving him there alone until he masters the potty a little more, but he is close if not there, amazingly.

But enough about the potty! He's having a good time and doing well in his little class. It's mostly play based, but they do good developmental activities that are fun too. They have a yummy snack with as much juice as he wants, yee haw.

Here he is in the birthday chair on thursday celebrating his upcoming birthday.

And blowing out the cupcake shaped candle.

My big guy! I'm so proud of him!


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