Sunday, September 07, 2008

Keep Tahoe Blue

Occasionally I see bumper stickers around the bay area with this saying on it. And I wonder what hippy thing they are talking about. Until I saw Lake Tahoe in summer. So pretty. Yeah, I guess keeping it blue would be a good idea. It's beautiful in the winter with the snow-capped mountains surrounding the lake, but in the summer it really strikes you when you are not freezing your butt off.

And we actually visited the watershed there that keeps the lake blue. I forget the name of it. If I had it would have actually been quite educational for Olivia since she is learning about watersheds at school. I really had no idea what a watershed was. Now, I kinda do. Something about wetlands and the plant roots filtering out the water that passes through before it gets to the lake. But I'm sure that bit of information won't last much longer in my memory than the name of it.

We also took a short hike to a kinda castle there. Very interesting story about the wealthy woman that owned and built it, and how the government completely jipped her descendant when they bought it. But I guess I should be glad they did since I'm sure I wouldn't be visiting the wealthy person that owned if they had not. In any case, it made for some pretty pictures.


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