Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Obsession Update

I've been busily potting up all my sprouts I started in the coffee filters in the window. I know the point of putting them in newpaper pots was that I could evetually just stick the newspaper pots in the ground without having to transplant them. But then I realized we have a 5 day trip planned at the end of next week and there is no way sproutings will last 5 days without water and I don't think newspaper pots will survive under the one little timed sprinkler we rigged while we are gone. So, here they are halfway potted up in lovely yogurt and other various type of containers.

They include Alysum, those are the biggest. Dianthus and coneflower look good. Snapdragons barely have their second set of leaves. And the latest added to the mix are Joe-Pye weed, catmint, black-eyed susan, and coreopsis. If they make it the 5 days I should have a good variety of periennals to plant in the fall and hope all winter that they come back in the spring.


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