Sunday, July 27, 2008

Aunt S, do you know where your babies are?

I am officially in love with hollyhocks. It's like they stepped out of a fairy tale. These are ones I grew this year from seed in newspaper pots, but I think we all know by now how cheap I am. Not only that, but the seeds were free, grabbed from various different hollyhock plants I've met.

The only problem is that I'm not that faithful and I've met several hollyhock plants in the past year. So I have no idea who the parents are of these. Three are bright pink with double blooms and one is soft, light pink. So lovely. But who do they belong to. Hmmmmm. I think one are from seeds that came all the way from Aunt S's farm in Georgia. But which one?

The other is either from the hollyhocks growing at Olivia's school (maybe I shouldn't have grabbed seeds from them without asking?) or from my neighbor's green trash can, which I feel better about grabbing before they headed to the city recycling.

In any case, what an easy, cheap, treat to grow!


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