Thursday, August 14, 2008

Olympic Spirit

Olivia and Noah are very into rooting for the US as we watch the Olympic every night. Really late every night. Travis is often asleep as the rest of us watch. But I have to admit, it's great. It's exactly the kind of fun stuff I imagined doing with my kids before I had them. I didn't imagine that Noah would call the swimmer with the yellow cap and swim suit the "metal man," but still fun even with the numerous explanations Olivia asks for.

With all the patriotic cheering going on we thought it would be a good time to iron on the letters we bought to decorate our bucket hats from the Target bargin bin months ago. The red, white, and blue iron-on letters clearly stated "looks best on light fabric," but I ignored that and used it on a red and dark blue hat. As a result Noah isn't quite as patriotic as Olivia's. And her letters don't really give the red, white, and blue visual they did in the package. Still, you get the point.

We wanted to put Team USA under their names, but we didn't have enough As. Go USA will have to suffice.


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