Saturday, June 20, 2009

What I've been doing instead of blogging

Basically carting Olivia from one activity to the next. She hasn't hear of something she doesn't want to try. And seeing her enjoy it all is worth it, I think. Still, I'm glad it's all over for the year. Here is her year in performances...

First, in December was Nutcracker

Then March was the school play, Wizard of Oz. I made her munchkin outfit AND hair accessory. Not quite as talented as her friend's grandma who mader her dress, but not too shabby either.

May was her performance for her combo tap/jazz/ballet class to We Go Together from Grease with the same friend. Probaby my favorite of hers all-time. The hand jive plus other classic 50s moves through in, who can resist?

Few weeks ago was the talent show for the last week of school where her and 3 friends danced the jitterbug. I made their matching skirts.

Then, finally the last one tonight, hip-hop she takes with her best friend since ages ago in kindergarten. Here they are backstage showing off their bridges. They got to dance on stage with their scooters. Super cool stuff.

All that this year plus violin and AWANA every week and the science fair. I am so glad it's all over. We are not doing this much next year. Ok, she's already signed up for Nutcracker and definately will be in the school play, taking violin and AWANA, but I'm saying "no" this year to the talent show for sure. Probably. Maybe if another mom wants Olivia in it with her child and does most of the work...


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