Friday, February 17, 2006

Conversations with Olivia

Today in the car during the rain:

Olivia: What are those things that get the water off the car
Me: Windshield wipers
Olivia: Why are they called windshield wipers?
Me: Because they wipe the windshield.
Olivia: Why is it called a windshield?
Me: Because it shields us from the wind.

Silence, sweet silence. I didn't think that one would stump her, I thought that next I would be explaining what a shield was. But don't worry, on the way home from pre-school the conversation continued and she asked me how the windshield wipers knew when to go and I had to explain to her how I make the windshield wipers go fast or slow depending on the rain.


Tonight at dinner:

Olivia: Why is it called "chris cross?"
Me: Why is what called "chris cross?"
Olivia: The food.
Me: It's called "cous cous."


Yesterday when I was at my wits end from answering so many questions:

Me: Olivia, I'm really worried.
Olivia: Why are you really worried?
Me: I'm worried you are going to run out of words.
Olivia (giggling): Why are you worried I am going to run out of words?
Me: Because you talk SO much! I'm afraid you are going to run out of words and when you grow up and get married you won't have any words left and you won't be able to win all the arguements with your husband.
Olivia: Don't worry, I have HUNDREDS of questions!

Yes you do, girl, yes you do. Dare I say, thousands?


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