Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Uncle J. gave the kids gift certificates to Build-a-Bear for Christmas. We braved the mall crowds today to go. We waited in line over 30 minutes to get our bears stuffed. But it was fun. Olivia picked a pink cat which she dressed like Ariel and named Princess Mermaid. Noah slept on my shoulder while in line, so I picked a puppy with a cowboy outfit. When he woke up he wanted nothing to do with dressing the puppy, so we picked a surfboard and sunglasses instead. We named him Gingerbread. The only holiday baking I did this year was making gingerbread cookies, and Noah loves them, so there is actually a reason for the name, other than I thought it was cute.

Once we got home and Olivia got playing with Grandma R., Gingerbread very quickly turned into Eric, Princess Mermaid's love and betrothed. Poor Noah.


  • At 5:13 PM, Blogger nowwhatelmo said…

    How fun! Wish I was more creative when naming the Build a Bears. We have a Snowman named Frosty, a Big Bird named Big Bird, and a Teddy Bear named Teddy. Bwahaha.


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