Sunday, March 05, 2006

My musical family

I spent this morning traveling around the bay area for my family's various musical appearances. Well, only two of them, but I'm pretty proud of them!

First, it was up to Los Altos First Baptist Church for Olivia to sing with her pre-school class for the church at 9:30. They sang Jesus' Love is Sweet and Wonderful, including hand motions, twice. Then for the grand finale, they sang If You're Happy and You Know It... in FRENCH! Olivia did great!

Right afterwards I picked her up to head back to our home church, Valley Church in Cupertino, to catch Travis playing guitar with the worship band at 10:45 for the first time in a long time. They didn't let him rock out like they used to at the evening service, but it was still great since they did some of my favorite songs, Child of God, How Great is Out God, among others.

Sundays are so rejuvinating, being able to refocus on our maker and His purpose for our lives, and getting the added privilege of seeing my family reflect His glory is a wonderful honor for me!


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